Jul 19 2009

Reflecting on Death: Buddhist Teachings and More

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An outsider, looking at how infrequency the topic of death occurs in the Sea of Faith, would conclude that we must all be very young.  Lloyd Geering famously declared that man has no immortal soul, and it has since become common knowledge, at least within the Sea of Faith, that the notion that we humans have a soul in the sense of an indestructible, non-bodily essential core goes back to Plato rather than the New Testament.

But where does this Enlightened rationality leave us personally and existentially?  Does death trouble us? Do we avoid it, have we come to terms with it, does it deeply question the meaning and significance of our life? And where does religion come in? Does it have any relevant wisdom about death (and hence about life, too) for us today?

Marion, who started attending our group recently, will present some teachings on death from a Buddhist perspective. There will be opportunity for discussion, but it would be helpful if one or two people could also present briefly (maximum 15 minutes), so that we have a diversity of views to stimulate the discussion.

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