Sep 05 2009

Worship and the New Cosmology

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At our meeting on 11 September, Bill Wallace, well-known hymnwriter, stimulating thinker and retired Methodist minister, will be talking with us about worship and the new cosmology.

At the last SoF conference, Lloyd Geering talked about the disappearance of God and advocated for insight into the interconnectedness of things. Bill is interested in just that theme, and in the way modern cosmology reveals just how deeply interconnected the universe is. And we humans are not separate islands, but also deeply interconnected. If I understand him rightly, Bill has a hope that worship (something that still goes on on Sunday mornings, but which is often lacking energy and relevance and intellectual integrity) can be transformed into a celebration of the cosmos and our connectedness with it.

My hope is that this will be of interest not only to those concerned about the future of (Christian) worship. Modern cosmology and systems thinking have a lot to say on what it is to be a human being.

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