Sep 26 2010

Ascent of Money – TV Series

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David introduced us to Niall Ferguson’s book “The Ascent of Money.” In following up on this subject, I discovered that Niall Ferguson has presented a four-part TV series on the same subject.  Thanks to the American Public Broadcasting Service, you can watch this on your computer; just click on

I found the series easy to watch and full of insight into the rise and rise of money. What is missing for me is a critique of the monetary system – not simply complaints about the greed of particular individuals, but a critique of the system itself. Money seems to be behind war and violence. The need to pay back debt plus interest fuels the ever-increasing exploitation and degradation of the planet.  It seems that we need a spiritual or religious perspective on money, so that we make a connection between the two areas that David mentioned: the Sunday morality and the  Monday reality.

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