May 22 2008

Skolomowski on Evolution and Spirituality

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We are made of the cosmic dust. But we are intelligent specks of the cosmic dust. For this reason we can help evolution and the cosmos to know itself better and to transcend itself further. The more penetrating we are intellectually and the deeper we are spiritually, the more beautiful and awesome cosmos we can discover, thus construct. For the two are aspects of each other; that is, the participatory cosmos and its offspring the participatory mind. By constructing ourselves, our depth, acumen, refined sensitivities, we are constructing the universe around ourselves — according to the powers of our comprehension. Yes, the universe and our comprehension of it are very closely knit. We shall not have the answer to it all, to all the riddles and subtleties of the universe until and unless we are self-realized along with the self realized universe itself. Then we will not need the answer. We shall be the answer….


Spirituality is the daughter of creativity, one of the highest forms of its flowering. Yet, at the same time, it is the result of the inexorable process of transcendence, which, while transcending all the earlier attainments, was bound to upgrade itself by going to a higher realm, precisely to spirituality. Yet spirituality is not merely a resultant which just happened as a consequence of the combined pressure of creativity and transcendence. Viewed in a more subtle light, with a true empathy for all evolutionary process, spirituality can be seen as a mini-omega point, the point which was inexorably pulling the whole development toward itself. The universe had nowhere to go but to the spiritual realm. In this sense spirituality is an inevitable consequence of evolution as we know it….

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