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May 25 2008

The New Atheism

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Our next meeting, on 13 June, will look at the new atheism. Recent years have seen the publication of a number of best-selling books that frontally attack God and religion. They include: The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins God is not Great by Christopher Hitchins God the Failed Hypothesis, by Victor Stenger Letter to a […]

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May 22 2008

Skolomowski on Evolution and Spirituality

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We are made of the cosmic dust. But we are intelligent specks of the cosmic dust. For this reason we can help evolution and the cosmos to know itself better and to transcend itself further.

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May 06 2008

Bishop Spong on Christopher Hitchins’ “God is not Great”

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Let me begin with three declarative statements: Religion must always be questioned Theism can be abandoned without abandoning God Christopher Hitchens’ book is a real asset to the current debate. Now just let me put some flesh on each of those statements.

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