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Aug 28 2009

Spiritual Beings on a Human Journey

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Joy Cowley, the well-known children’s book author spoke 12 August at Knox Church in Christchurch on this theme. For me, it is a touching experience to discover that someone who has really made their mark in the world has a wholly other side to them: fascination with the mystics, deep insights and wisdom about the […]

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Aug 16 2009

Strong Sustainability for New Zealand

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At our next meeting on Friday 28  August, Hugh will present to us the recently released paper on this topic and lead discussion on it. The following comes from the paper’s introduction. It is vital to understand that human civilisation is an integral part of the ecological systems of the planet.  The present approach to […]

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Aug 09 2009

The Moral Instinct

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Our next meeting, on Where do we get our sense of right and wrong from? Stephen Pinker wrote an article in the New York Times looking at the evolutionary basis of morality.  We will discuss this article.  Follow the link yourselves and read online. (Thanks to Margaret Feist of the Dunedin Sea of Faith group […]

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