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Oct 26 2008

Rhona Thorpe Awarded QSM

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At our last meeting, Hugh Thorpe reported that the Queen’s Birthday honours awarded his invalid wife Rhona the QSM for services to migrant and refugee communities. He also passed on to us an opinion piece from Garrison Keillor of Prairie Home Companion fame that is relevant both to his wife’s situation and to the forthcoming […]

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Oct 21 2008

The Collapse of Civilisation

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In 2005, Jared Diamond wrote “Collapse” – showing how environmental mismanagement resulted in the collapse of past civilisations. The April 2008 issue of “New Scientist” reminds us of another set of factors that are at work: the increase of complexity which ultimately renders a culture unstable. The article is prophetic in the light of the […]

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Oct 21 2008

Sylvia Edwards

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Sylvia Edwards, who died recently, had been a member of the Christchurch Group of the Sea of Faith Network for many years – possibly since its inception. She drew strongly from the wellsprings of Christian faith, but her liberal and open minded approach to faith and – and indeed to people in general – meant […]

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Oct 06 2008

Dr Carolyn King on Gaia

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At our next meeting, on Friday 10 October, Ian Crumpton will report to us on Dr Carolyn King’s talk to the annual conference. He comments as follows: Dr Carolyn King was one of the three keynote speakers at the 2008 Sea of Faith (NZ) National Conference held in Blenheim in September. All three spoke to […]

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Oct 01 2008

Conference was Inspiring, as Usual

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The annual conference of the Sea of Faith in New Zealand was, as usual, inspiring and stimulating. It amazed me the way that the speakers approached the theme from different angles that wonderfully complemented each other. Lloyd Geering portrayed the changes that have occurred in our picture of the world – the emergence of the […]

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