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Jul 19 2008

Susan Blackmore and Universal Darwinism

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Our next meeting isĀ  on Friday 25 July. Bob Geddes will lead discussion on the topic of evolutionary theory applied to culture (memes and all that). He has submitted the following introduction and questions: Cultural evolution is based on the same principles as genetic evolution involving Darwin`s evolutionary theorem (based on evidence from all round […]

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Jul 06 2008

A Midwinter Celebration

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Our next meeting, on Friday 11 July, will be a midwinter celebration. Bring some finger food and (optionally) some kind of contribution: a story, poem, prayer, song, or something else I haven’t thought of. Why a midwinter celebration? The German theologian Eberhard Jungel says, “It’s high time that from time to time time is different.” […]

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Jul 04 2008

Book Review:God and the New Atheism

Ian didn’t manage to get to our second meeting on The New Atheism. Instead, he wrote a review for the national newsletter on the book “God and the New Atheism” by John Haught. “His main thesis is that the three authors, drawing their concept of God and religion from fundamentalist and literalist religion, produce a […]

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Jul 03 2008

Keith Ward on Dawkins

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I must say I enjoyed the humour in this excerpt from an article in The Tablet: So why can Professor Dawkins only see the bad in religion? Why is he incapable of making an objective, “scientific”, study of it, in all its diversity? Why is he unable to make distinctions between the many different forms […]

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Jul 01 2008

A Critique of John Gray

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At our 27 June meeting, Brian presented the following critique of John Gray’s article in the Guardian, that Laurie referred to in announcing the meeting. I don’t question Professor John Gray’s moderate social conservatism. I believe it is sincere, as would be his view that religion is one of its bulwarks. But so far it […]

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