Jan 27 2009

Welcome to 2009

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Our website has a new look for 2009; I liked the ‘theme’ that the Dunedin group selected, so I changed to it. The pages are busier: we now have two columns on the right. It helps if you realise that the first column gives you links to pages on the website, the second column links to other websites. Also, there’s a row of links along the top; these are for relatively unchanging content.

When I began this website for our group, I was not aware that any other SoF groups had done anything similar. Not long after, I discovered that there were three or four UK SoF groups with their own websites, and they were all blogs, like ours. I have just checked back here, to find that there are 13 local UK Sea of Faith groups with their own blog.

Many of you have heard me enthuse about Eugen Drewermann. Now our website has a link to my new website about him, so that you can browse to your heart’s content and have some idea why I am so enthusiastic.

There are also links to websites by Brian Lilburn and Noel Cheer, not to mention a website about Don Cupitt and a YouTube video of the TVNZ interview with Lloyd Geering. I’m rather pleased at having found all these. It’s amazing what’s there if you look.

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